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Great Plains Fire Suppression Symposium To Highlight Industry Innovations August 31, 2016

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The Great Plains Fire Suppression Symposium set for September 13, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska will highlight industry innovations in NFPA standards, agent delivery systems, fire extinguishing technology and ATF-mandated considerations.  Experts in all four subjects will present during the morning-long event.Fire Symposium logo

NFPA 3 and NFPA 4 Requirements for Delivering Higher Stakeholder Confidence will be presented by Shane Clary, Ph.D.  Vice President, Codes & Standards, Development;
Bay Alarm Co. and a member of both technical committees. He’ll provide background and insights on these important documents and outline key factors on how best to implement these requirements that bolster stakeholder confidence in all fire systems.

Innovations in Fire Suppression System Technologies provides an understanding from Tim Carman, P.E. Regional Sales Director; Janus Fire Systems on how maximizing agent delivery technologies are impacting fire suppression systems by using higher discharge pressures. Innovations like these are making fire suppression more affordable and accessible than ever.

Hybrid (Nitrogen-Water Mist) Fire Suppression Technology and the new NFPA 770 is a truly unique opportunity to learn directly from the patent holder, Robert Ballard, P.E. Fire Suppression Technology Manager with Victaulic, on how the advanced technology of hybrid fire suppression systems are addressing real-world applications. Plus an update on how the new NFPA 770 standard is being developed to address these systems.

Understanding ATF Regulations Affecting Fire Suppression Releasing Devices is crucial for anyone involved with such systems. Shane Mullen, Managing Director of Device Disposal and Consulting will highlight key requirements for safely handling and disposing of these devices.

The Symposium is a free half-day symposium dedicated to information and education for professionals involved with fire suppression as owners, consultants, specifiers, and end-users.  Continuing Education attendance credit will be provided to each attendee.  A buffet breakfast will also be provided.

Seating is limited, so reservations are required.  Visit www.protexcentral.com to learn more and register today!


February 1 Marks Protex Central’s 50th Year February 1, 2016

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40510 50 Year LogoMonday, February 1, 2016, marks the 50th anniversary of Protex Central, Inc. For these past 50 years, Protex Central has been providing life safety systems and services to customers throughout Nebraska and Iowa.

With employees who are dedicated to providing the company’s core values through excellence, professionalism and integrity, Protex Central thrives in addressing key life safety and security issues for its customers.

Company founder and chairman of the board, Dennis J. Mullen, continues to djmpixmentor employees with his collaborative and professional approach to customer service. “People do business with people.” says Mullen. “Honesty and integrity are the backbone of the systems we provide and support for our customers. Take away either of those, and you have nothing of value to offer.”

Protex Central service representatives are on call and available 24/7. Service technicians are well versed in the inspection, maintenance and repair of all types of life safety systems including fire suppression systems. All technicians are manufacturer trained, licensed, and certified. The company has become skilled at developing a turn-key plan to deliver the needed level of response so customers will know their people and property are protected around the clock with Protex’s sole mission plan in mind – To strengthen our business by protecting yours!

By investing significant resources in the development of its professionals, Protex Central is uniquely positioned to best understand the needs of the industries it serves.

Protex Central continues to lead solutions in the fields of:

Fire Protection Systems
Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
Emergency Communication Systems
Explosion Protection Systems
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
Range Hood Fire Suppression Systems

Security Systems
Access Control
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
Nurse Call Systems
Sound/Intercom Systems

Life Safety System Services
On Site Service & Inspection
Remote Monitoring

Customers have come to know over these past 50 years that with Protex it’s the protection they pay for, but peace of mind is what they get.

NFPA Considering New Standard for Hybrid, Gas and Fine Water Droplet Systems May 23, 2013

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The NFPA Standards Council is considering a proposal by Victaulic for a proposed new standard for Hybrid, gas and fine water droplet systems. The Council is soliciting public comments on the need for the project, information on resources on the subject matter, those interested in participating on a technical committee if established, and experience in the intended application of this technology. The Council is specifically looking for manufacturers that logo_nfpaare actively developing hybrid droplet systems and whether there are enough common installation practices and procedures available to support a standard, and the intended application for this technology. The Council is also seeking input on whether the subject matter could be covered by an existing technical committee or possibly through the creation of a new document.

I’ve written to NFPA in support of such a standard’s creation.  Here’s my pitch:

As a 28 year veteran of the special hazards fire suppression industry and from my vantage point as past president of the Fire Suppression Systems Association, I write in support of a new standard for hybrid, gas and fine water droplet systems.

The innovative technology involved with these hybrid systems is not adequately addressed by any existing NFPA standard whether it be NFPA 13, NFPA 15, NFPA 750 or NFPA 2001. Because of the lack of any clear and definitive standard, these new hybrid systems are at a disadvantage in the marketplace. AHJ’s, insurance underwriters, owners, engineers and other stakeholders are reluctant to embrace these systems because of no nationally recognized standard to which they can look for guidance in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of these systems. Moreover, independent third party testing agencies are prevented from listing such systems without the existence of a nationally recognized standard from an organization such as NFPA.

As an installer of special hazards systems including clean agent and water mist systems, I see a clear need for an independent standard. Too often we see applications that have to settle for a less than optimum solution because there is no national standard to which they can turn for reference and support. This is a disservice to a marketplace that is innovating new products and systems, yet is prevented from the benefits of similar fire suppression innovation because of the lack of a standard.

I encourage NFPA to seriously consider the establishment of a separate standard for hybrid, gas and fine water droplet systems. If need be, I would be willing to consider submitting my qualifications and resume for membership on such a new standard committee. Feel free to contact me if I may be of further assistance to the Standards Council in considering this important request.

The public comment phase is open until May 30, 2013. Persons wishing to submit comments should address them to Amy Cronin, Standards Council Secretary and e-mail to mmanyard@nfpa.org.