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Iowa Alarm Association to Tour State-Of-Art Facility March 16, 2011

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The March 17 meeting of the Iowa Alarm Association will include a tour of the state-of-the-art police headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa.

This isn’t just a tour, it’s an experience of a modern high tech police facility that incorporates functionality as well as vision. The building is a Frank Lloyd Wright design which incorporates natural materials and sunlight to enhance the working environment. In fact, several psychological studies were used and incorporated into the design of the building including interrogation rooms, stairwells and employee break rooms.

The jail is a “hands-free” environment that minimizes prisoner contact while enhancing safety for prisoner and employee alike. The station hosts its own mini-lab, evidence storage, gun range, training room, fitness room and padded defense strategies room. The building has 69 cameras and a variety of areas with motion activated audio recording. The building incorporated a 20 year growth in both personnel and technology which was most challenging.

The building is 76,000 and cost $15.2 million to construct. The residents of Ankeny voted on the bonding in May 2006 and with the highest approval on a bond in the State of Iowa.  Construction began with an 82% approval at the polls.

Members will also hear a presentation by Gary Kuty of Kuty & Associates on “Hire Slow – Fire Fast” Growing your Sales Team.

Members should contact IAA President, Ron Heldt, for meeting details.


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