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Technical Chair Hubert Highlights Activities February 28, 2011

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FSSA’s technical committee chair, Dan Hubert, presented highlights of the technical committee’s work over the past year during a session yesterday at FSSA’s Framing for Success Annual Meeting.

Hubert provided details on a variety of efforts underway with the committee including major contributions to the NFPA comment cycles for 2001 and 72. He noted that FSSA is represented on over 37 NFPA standards committees.

Additionally, he announced the third in a series of Carbon Dioxide design guides covering total flooding applications. It forms a trilogy of documents with the previously published guides for local application rate-by-volume and local application rate-by-area.

Other topics being worked on are design considerations for data centers with hot aisle/cold aisle arrangements, and a possible white paper discussing Class C design concentration applications.

Hubert unveiled a unique software program developed by the committee that quickly and easily correlates all of the NFPA occupancy standards with all of the NFPA design standards. Free copies of the software will be distributed to all meeting attendees on a jump drive.

FSSA’s annual meeting continues in San Juan through March 1.


1. Mary P . Hubert - March 2, 2011

Wonderful exciting new innovations in the fire control business!The CO2 developements are very promising & exciting!

2. Patty - March 3, 2011

You go, Mr Hubert! Do your hands still sweat?

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