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Non-fire Related System Releases Discussed February 28, 2011

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Non-fire related system releases were discussed during a presentation at FSSA’s Framing for Success Annual Meeting in San Juan.  Installers Division chair, Eric Burkland, presented a review of six top reasons for non-fire related system releases.

The top six discussed were:  (1) dirty smoke detectors, (2) products of combustion caused by HVAC heating elements, (3) freon leaks, (4) unintentional manual release activation, (5) end-user hazard modifications with no regard on system impact and (6) power surges such as lightning strikes.

HFC-227-ea System Discharge

The top six were a result of a non-scientific survey conducted among FSSA installer members prior to the annual meeting.  Burkland also discussed several preventative measures that would help to prevent unwanted system releases.

Those preventative measures included:   routine system maintenance by qualified personnel; HVAC maintenance; signage installation; personnel training; installation of surge suppressors and notification of qualified personnel when modifying a hazard area.

FSSA’s Framing for Success annual meeting continues through March 1.


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