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Wahl Paints Way Towards New Creative Awareness February 27, 2011

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FSSA President Rick Scott Greets Artist Erik Wahl

Conference keynote speaker and artist, Erik Wahl, dazzled and inspired attendees at today’s FSSA’s Framing for Success opening session.

Beginning by painting  a bold-colored portrait of famed basketball star, Michael Jordan, Wahl emphasized how each of us at one point in our lives was an active and creative artist – even with Crayola crayons.  At some point, however, we began to suppress the creative right-side of our minds.  We began to focus on the logical, orderly left-side where conformity is prized – especially in business.

Wahl encouraged the attendees to recognize that drawing and other expressive activities can be learned and in the process begin to seek ideas and solutions outside the lines.  In fact, he encouraged conversation and dialog during his presentation by allowing attendees to text, e-mail and chat on their cell phones and PDAs.

According to Wahl, “fear” kills performance because it represents False Evidence Appearing Real.  His solution of exercising right-brain creativity overcomes fear and can lead to new solutions and ideas.

After completing portraits of the Statue of Liberty and Albert Einstein, Wahl concluded his 90-minute presentation by encouraging attendees to stop being perfect and start being remarkable.

Wahl Portraits Drawn During FSSA Presentation

Two of Wahl’s portraits will be auctioned off at the upcoming President’s reception to the benefit of the FSSA’s Educational Foundation.

FSSA’s annual meeting continues through Tuesday, March 1.


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