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A Pro’s Reaction To A False Alarm January 17, 2011

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During a recent overnight stay in the wonderful city of Milwaukee, my son and I were rousted out of bed by the sounding of the fire alarm.

Being the 25-year fire protection systems professional that I am, I immediately began to think of reasons that the alarm was false. No way was I going to get dressed and leave the warmth and comfort of my resting place.  With the incessant temporal cadence blaring at or above the requisite dB level, I soon reasoned that I should, as a professional, lead by example and exit the building. And so I did.

On my way out of the stairwell, I encountered the problem – a pulled manual station. Coming towards me was the night manager with reset key in tow.  Once reset, he radioed the front desk and the alarm was silenced.

I introduced myself and encouraged him to find the perpetrator and prosecute.  He said he already had a very good idea of who it was and that the police had already been summoned.  Fire department personnel were pulling up as the alarm was silenced.

Lesson learned for me was that I was glad there wasn’t a fire and that the system worked as it was supposed to.  I hope the neaderthals who pulled the station are prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Bottom line:  this fire protection professional would rather have an alarm and not need it than to need an alarm and not have it.


1. wireless burglar alarm - February 6, 2011

During winter, we should be very careful and heck all our appliances including our alarms to be sure that they functioning well for our safety.It is indeed very helpful to learn more about how to keep safe and avoid any fire emergencies at home to keep your family and property safe. Smoke as well as wireless burglar alarm detectors are of great help to us especially in times of potential danger and they give us the presence of mind.

shawnpci - February 7, 2011

Thanks for sharing your observations.

I agree. Peace of mind does come from knowing that smoke alarms and other protection equipment is working properly. Simple tests performed regularly is a very good habit to get into.

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