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Does Recent EPA Ruling Affect Fire Protection Systems? January 10, 2011

Posted by shawnpci in Fire Protection, Fire Systems, FSSA.

The Environmental Protection Agency issued regulations effective December 31, 2010 to require monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from additional sources of fluorinated greenhouse gases, including electronics manufacturing, fluorinated gas production, electrical equipment use, electrical equipment manufacture or refurbish, as well as importers and exporters of pre-charged equipment and closed-cell foams.

This rule requires monitoring of greenhouse gases for these source categories only for sources with carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, imports, or exports above certain threshold levels. This rule does not require control of greenhouse gases.

Many fire protection professionals have asked if these new regulations apply to fire protection systems and fire extinguishers.

The Fire Suppression Systems Association recently announced that its review of the regulations indicated that it appears that the rule only covers refrigeration appliances and would not include fire protection systems or extinguishers.

For a more details, contact the Fire Suppression Systems Association at www.fssa.net


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