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Ain’t No April Fools Joke April 2, 2010

Posted by shawnpci in Fire Systems, FSSA.
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To quote Jerry Garcia…”what a strange trip it’s been.”

Rarely have two events conspired on the same day to bring into sharp focus the reality of our electronic connectedness: Google Data Center Fire and Windstream Outage.

Both unfortunate situations point out just how vulnerable we are in the electronic age. Despite what I’m sure were days if not months of planning and double checking, the systems put in place to safeguard systems and facilities failed.

In the Google case, not only was the giant brought to its technical knees, it’s being financially tormented by its advertisers.

With the Windstream outage, emergency 9-1-1 centers in Nebraska as well as a UL-listed central alarm monitoring station were literally disconnected from their constituents. The impact to public safety wasn’t limited to just the Nebraska counties affected, but the numerous central station customers locate throughout the Midwest.

Readers of my blog know that I’m all about good reliable fire protection, however, as both cases point out – it can’t hurt to consider the true total cost of ownership when assessing fire protection options in a data center or the reliability/redundancy of monitored services.


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