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Stupid Is As Stupid Does March 19, 2010

Posted by shawnpci in Fire Systems, FSSA.

I’m learning the ropes with this Web 2.0 stuff.

I want to start adding video clips to my blog for illustrative purposes on a variety of subjects. So, I signed up for a You Tube account and am starting to upload some short clips that I’ll share in coming blogs.

However, whilst on You Tube, I came across this disaster of a clip supposedly showing how a clean agent system discharges.

For the love of God, PLEASE DO NOT try this at home, office or business. This is NOT the way to handle, store, or activate a clean agent system. This dude is very lucky the cylinder, hose, pipe and nozzle didn’t break loose and scatter across his shipping floor.

To my friends in the industry, let’s find this guy and encourage him to join our trade group, the Fire Suppression Systems Association, so he can learn how not to handle pressurized cylinders.


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