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Michigan Clean Agent System Seen As Waste of Taxpayers Money February 27, 2010

Posted by shawnpci in Fire Systems.

As an advocate for my industry, I have a hard time with this one…

Michigan State Representative, Rick Jones, R- Grand Ledge, has criticized the newly opened Michigan State Police facility in Lansing, Michigan as a “boondoggle and a waste of taxpayers money.”

According to detNews.com on a February 25. 2010 post, “a digital evidence room had to be redone and special fire suppression equipment installed so that, in the event of a fire alert, evidence and equipment would not be damaged by water from sprinklers.”

I say good for Michiganders and those with foresight to use clean agents in a responsible manner. Apparently this type of extravagance in protecting critical documents and evidence from fire and water ruin is too much for the representative to handle.

I know times are a bit tough nowadays, but I think it calls for more attention to critical priorities and their proper protection.  Yes, clean agent systems are more expensive that basic water fire protection, but in applications such as this I ask – expensive compared to lost or damaged critical evidence?

Here’s a link to the article:


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