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Does NFPA 70E Apply to Fire Alarm Technicians Performing Final Hook-ups And Panel Testing? January 21, 2010

Posted by shawnpci in Fire Systems.

I usually don’t rant – but in this case I’m making an exception:

Our fire alarm technicians got kicked off a job-site today because they were not wearing NFPA 70E Arc-Flash protective gear and had not completed 10 hour NFPA 70E training class.
They were at a fire alarm control panel performing final low-voltage circuit wiring terminations and panel programming. 120VAC was present in panel with panel door open. General Contractor’s job-site safety officer cited them for non-compliance and kicked them off job until they show proof of training and are appropriately dressed.

I’ve been in this racket for 25 years now and this is a new one on me.

Would appreciate any feedback or insights on why such extreme safety measures must be taken with a 24vdc control panel.

There, I’ve got it off my chest. I’m still not happy, though.

If you happen to have some insights or thoughts, let me know. I’d be very interested to know of them.


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